Research shows that a person’s best performance comes when they are aware of their strengths and are given meaningful work that optimises their strengths and aspirations.

Strengthscope identifies what is unique about each individual

Each person is different, with a unique range of underlying strengths. In fact the chance of someone having the same ‘Significant 7’ strengths is 1:346,000.

Even if 2 people do have the same set of strengths, they typically use them in very different ways.

The Strengthscope system recognizes this and, unlike other assessment systems, doesn’t oversimplify human nature by putting people into narrow personality boxes.

The Strengthscope system deliberately shines the spotlight on a person’s strengths, without ignoring weaknesses. It provides people with powerful performance insights including weaker areas and strengths in overdrive. By helping people to find strengths-based strategies to deal with performance risks, employees will be more willing to acknowledge their weaker areas and find smart and creative ways to minimise performance risks.

Who is Strengthscope for?

Strengthscope is for anyone who wants to understand their strengths and potential in order to supercharge their work performance.

What does the Strengthscope profile include?

The profile forms the basis for a strengths-focussed feedback session and provides detailed information on:

  • An individuals significant strengths and how these relate to performance
  • An individual’s performance risks, including weaker areas and overdone strengths, and how to deal more positively with these
  • Ways to use strengths more effectively to supercharge an individuals performance

What profiles do we offer?

Strengthscope Standard™



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